Europe in Winter: 11 Cities Worth the Cold

Welcome to my last newsletter of 2018!

This has been a quiet year on the blog but I'm very excited to be blogging regularly again and sharing my recent and not so recent travels with you. 


Most people are busy with events and family commitments in December but it's nice to get in a little travel too if you can. 

I'm in Australia right now but I took a look back at my favourite winter destinations and put together a list of places you might want to visit soon.

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Poland isn't exactly known for their Christmas markets but I'll take any excuse to visit this part of the world. The best markets in Poland? Krakow and Wroclaw. Read more...


Albania has a large expat community who typically return home to celebrate New Year's with their family. This is one of my favourite times in Albania as there are so many events and festivals on, especially in Tirana. Read more...


Kosice is one of the quirkiest places I've been. The people seem a little stuck in time and the city weirdly doesn't have a river. It's unbelievably cheap and they have so many great restaurants and markets. My neighbourhood guide goes into more detail. Read more...

This month I have a few more posts I'm working on and plan to publish soon, like a gourmet guide to Brussels, tips for visiting Zagreb, one of my favourite Balkan cities, and a Zurich neighbourhood guide so you can visit Switzerland without going completely broke. 

I'm using Instagram Stories these days more than the regular feed posts. Follow me if you'd like to see what I'm doing in Australia.

Have a great New Year and see you in 2019!