39 Free Things in Budapest Plus Minsk & Prague

It's incredible how quickly travel articles become outdated and I'm shocked at how bad my old photos are. Even photos from three or four years ago look terrible and I clearly had no idea what I was doing when it came to photo editing.

I'm actually embarrassed by some of the things I've published in the past so I've been working on updating old posts and re-editing and re-sizing a lot of my photos. In particular, I've republished posts about Prague, Heidelberg, Keukenhof tulip festival, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia and one on Belgium's Flemish cities.

This month I also published a couple of new articles, a huge post on Budapest and a neighbourhood guide to Minsk. 

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If you're new to the blog, you might not know I lived in Budapest for a year or so. If you're not new, sorry for repeating myself!

I've already written a huge travel guide to Budapest but on the latest post I've shared all the fantastic free things there are to do in the city. 

Budapest is an affordable destination for many travellers. You can fly there with Hungary's low-cost airline Wizz Air, food is great value and it's easy to find cheap drinks in ruin bars. 

With these tips you can keep costs down and have still a great experience in Budapest.

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Minsk is a big, sprawling city with distinct neighbourhoods. It's a fascinating city which I loved visiting. In this guide, I write about the different districts and where to stay. Read the post.


The annual Keukenhof tulip festival is starting soon near Amsterdam.

If you're going to be in the Netherlands, it's worth taking a side trip to see the massive tulip fields and visit the festival. Read the post.


Belgium is so small you can take day trips to pretty much anywhere in the country. 

Bruges, Ghent, and Leuven are beautiful, historic cities or you could even take a day trip to France. Read the post here

These posts have been updated too:

Next up on the blog I'm working on new posts about Colmar (France), Alesund (Norway) and Tirana (Albania).