Europe by the Season

Happy New Year!

I hope you were lucky enough to have a few days off over the holidays and enjoyed the break. I was at my new home in Fremantle, a little apartment by the beach which I'm loving.

I temporarily stopped travelling while my husband applied for Australian residency. We had been told it would take up to 2 years for his application to be looked at but he got permanent residency in 11 months. We were very surprised it was such a quick and relatively painless process.

What was painful was the application costing more than $7,000. It was not at all like when I applied for Hungarian residency which took 2 weeks and $5. 

We are now free to travel but until he gets citizenship we can't be abroad for long periods of time. So I'm thinking about shorter trips we can take which means I actually have to make plans with my limited time.

Which brings me to my first blog posts of the year which are all about picking where to go in 2019. I hope you too will have a chance to travel this year and these posts should give you a few ideas if you're short on inspiration.

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In my annual Europe by the season post, I share where I think are the hot destinations of 2019. 

These are basically just destinations I love and think other people would love too. 

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I'm soon to publish my Brussels gourmet guide which I've been working on for a while. It's going to be in a slightly different format than what I usually post so I hope you'll like it. 

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