Cheapest Countries to Visit in Europe

As much as I love Paris, it became impossible to justify living there, spending thousands on a tiny apartment. I eventually left once I realised how much cheaper it was to travel full-time in the Balkans than to live in France. 

I know not everyone wants to pack up all their belongings and travel full-time. But picking a budget destination means you can either travel longer or more often or just spend less on the holidays you get to take. 

So that's why I put together my latest post, to help you find the cheapest cities to visit in the cheapest countries in Europe. Please share it if you find it useful.

I've been working a couple of days per week in a co-working place in Fremantle. If you're interested in seeing what the port city is like, follow me on Instagram. I usually post stories from my morning beach walk and of the beautiful heritage buildings in the city centre. 


Last month I shared my top destinations for Europe this year and the best time to go. 

In my latest post, I've written about the cheapest countries in Europe and which cities I recommend visiting when travelling on a budget (or at any time really).  

I feel like leaving out Serbia might have been a mistake but I still haven't been and know so little about it. I do hope to visit this year though.

I also omitted Kosovo even though I have been and know it's cheap. I just don't feel like there is much to see there. Am I wrong?

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Before I took my one year break from the blog, I was in the middle of a huge post about free things to do in Budapest. I'm working on finishing that now so I can finally share it.